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All about registering groundwater wells

With the deadline for registering irrigation, commercial or industrial use wells fast approaching, the Quadra ICAN water security team is concerned that some people may miss out. 

According to the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development press release, “A water licence is not required for a household well or groundwater used for domestic purposes, such as watering lawns and gardens. Domestic groundwater users are encouraged to register their well for free.” 

Kris Wellstein pointed out that water used for home industries like egg stands, market gardens and fruit trees (if the fruit is sold) is classified as commercial.  

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Transition to a low carbon future: Industry and climate groups face off

By John Woodside,  National Observer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

As the planet slides into an era of climate breakdown, oil and gas industry groups and climate advocacy organizations in Canada are squaring off to shape the federal government’s just transition strategy.

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Overfishing, Conservation & Farmed Fish

Originally published on YourBassGuy

by Coty Perry

As with many other aspects of government policy, overfishing and other fishing-related environmental issues are a real problem, but it’s not clear that government intervention is the solution. Indeed, it might be one of the main drivers of overfishing and other conservation and sustainability issues stemming from commercial fishing. Much like drone fishing, there are serious ethical issues of interest to the average angler. 

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The Post COVID Energy World

When the world went into lockdown, the global demand for electricity dropped 20%. By the end of March, 50% of the traffic disappeared from city streets. The demand for fossil fuels evaporated. Coal fired generation has suffered its’ largest drop since World War II. A new International Energy Agency (IEA) report suggests the post COVID energy world could be far more carbon free.

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Advice From A Dutch Doctor

Dr. Erik Hockheimer was a general practitioner in the Netherlands before giving up his practice to work with Doctors Without Borders which he did in many countries throughout the world and continues to support an advisor. As a GP he was very involved in the HIV epidemic and that led him to co-author and edit a book on viruses called Virology, published in 1991. While with Doctors Without Borders he continued to work with tropical diseases, HIV, Hepatitis B, and Ebola. He’s retired now but still consults with a number of NGOs particularly around helping refugees. 

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