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The Race to Recover a Sunken Tanker Truck

Editor’s note: The vessel was recovered Friday afternoon. Guy Adams, owner of Marine Link Transportation, told My Campbell River Now that the tanks are now onshore and about 10% of the fuel leaked into the ocean. He aded that local First Nations were a crucial part of response and recovery efforts, pinpointing the sunken truck and monitoring environmental impacts.

By  Zak Vescera, The Tyee, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

A mission is underway to recover a fuel truck holding 17,000 litres of diesel oil that rolled off a barge and sank off Vancouver Island last  week.

The Canadian Coast Guard  and other responders are trying to raise the truck that sank in the  Chancellor Channel about 55 kilometres north of Campbell River. 

An internal memo from the Transportation  Safety Board confirms the truck carried diesel oil. The federal  Department of Fisheries and Oceans confirmed the truck contained five  separate tanks, one of which is leaking.

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After The Dinan Bay Diesel Spill

By Karissa Gall, Haida Gwaii Observer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Shoreline cleanup and sampling is complete following the Dinan Bay diesel spill last month.

Taan Forest spilled approximately 4,500 litres of diesel into the bay on April 22, when a valve feeding fuel to the electrical generator on the Toba Barge failed.

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Cortes Island’s Adrift Vessels

Two more abandoned derelict vessels washed up in Cortes Bay on January 15th, 2020. When Jenny Hartwick, Harbour Manager for Harbour Authority Cortes Island (HACI), reported them to the Coast Guard, she was told they were dealing with similar reports from multiple locations. Cortes Island’s adrift vessels are part of a province wide problem. 

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The Big Spill

(The second in a series of articles from the 2019 Campbell River Emergency Preparedness Trade Show.)

I was immediately drawn to Western Canada Marine Spill Response Corporation (WCMRC) booth. This company founded in 1976 and cleans about 20 spills a year. Most of these are relatively small, like the incident in Gorge Harbour, Cortes Island. I was more interested in the fact they cleaned up the big spill in Burnaby, during 2007 – which gives us some insight into what a major bitumen spill on the West Coast of British Columbia might look like.

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Vancouver’s Second Oil Spill of the Year

By Roy L Hales


Within hours of Vancouver’s second oil spill of the year, BC’s Minister of Environment  announced the province will move ahead on plans for a World-leading spill response team.

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