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Mixed Reactions to Emergency Program Act

BC’s current Emergency Program Act descends from the 1914 War Measures Act. It proved painfull inadequate during the wildfires and floods of 2017-18. The provincial government wants to modernize it, but there were mixed reactions to proposed changes at the January 29, 2020, SRD Board Meeting.

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The SRD Is Preparing For An Emergency

On February 23, the Quadra Island Emergency Support Services Team will practise setting up an Emergency Reception Centre at the Quadra Island Community Centre. Two weeks ago, the SRD’s Protective Services Coordinator asked how feasible it was for CKTZ to deploy its’ “radio in a suitcase” to different locations on Cortes Island. The SRD is currently considering extending its fire protection zones on both Cortes and Quadra Islands. At its last meeting, the SRD Board approved funding to purchase mobile radio kits to enhance emergency “ … communications between the City of Campbell River, Homalco First Nation, and Wei Wai Kai First Nation.” These are only a few recent examples of how the SRD is preparing for an emergency in our area.

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Impending Survey: Do North Quadra Residents Want Fire Protection?

Two years ago, many North Quadra Island residents woke up to the sound of explosions. The pre-dusk sky had turned red. A house on Bold Point was engulfed in flames. When the RCMP arrived, they discovered the main power line was down. Three of the occupants were sent to the hospital with smoke inhalation. As this part of the island is protected by BC Wildfire Service, whose mandate does not include structures, no fire department came to their rescue. All that remained of their home was a chimney. While this is an area better known for its forests and abundant marine life, there are more than 250 properties. At their January 29, 2020, board meeting, the Strathcona Regional District (SRD) Board authorized a survey to determine if North Quadra residents want fire protection. 

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Tiber Bay: Outside the Protected Zone

Twenty years ago, Bill Friedel was embroiled in a night-long-battle to save a neighbouring Cortes Island property from fire. As they were in Tiber Bay, outside the protected area, the Cortes Island Fire Department did not intervene. One night last Spring, a downed power line “remained live for over 20 minutes and started several intense, small fires …” Luckily, these blazes were spotted before they spread. Tiber Bay is still outside the protected zone today and many residents are asking to be included in the Fire District. 

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How To Set Up A NEPP In Your Community

Quadra Island probably has one of the most highly developed Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Programs (NEPP) in Northern Vancouver Island. In the last of my interviews from the 2019 Emergency Preparedness Tradeshow, Betsy Young Quadra Island’s NEPP coordinator,  explains how to set up a NEPP program in your neighbourhood.

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