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Should We Reopen Island Rail?

The Island Railway suspended operations on March 18, 2011, due to safety concerns about the condition of the tracks. Plans to reopen the line continue to this day. In fact, one of the items of correspondence at the  Strathcona Regional District’s May 13th Board Meeting was an email from Nanaimo Mayor Leonard Krog.

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British Columbia’s Expanding EV Infrastructure

By Roy L Hales

Cortes Island is three ferry trips north of Vancouver. There are three hours of driving time. As you also spend a significant amount of time waiting, the trip can take six hours in peak season.   Some people think of Cortes as a throwback to the 1970‘s; others regard it as one of BC’s sustainable hubs. The major industry is tourism. There are around a thousand inhabitants, three hamlets and a number of non-profit organizations. There is also an EV charging station. I am told it has only been used once. This says a great deal about the extent of BC’s expanding EV infrastructure.
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