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Canada’s New Electric Vehicle Availability Standard

On Tuesday, December 19, The Government of Canada announced a gradual phasing out of gas powered light vehicle sales until 2035, after which all new vehicles must be 100% emissions free.

“Transportation is the most polluting  sector in Canada after oil and gas, a lot of that comes from road transportation. So from the vehicles we drive that are on the road, from sitting in traffic. This regulation is aiming  to ensure that we’re putting forward technologies like zero emission vehicles, that includes electric vehicles, that will drastically reduce emissions within that sector and this regulation says that it will have emissions reductions of 360 million tons. That’s the equivalent of 62,000 Olympic swimming pools full of gas that have been burned,” explained Meena Bibra, Senior Policy Analyst with Clean Energy Canada. 

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Electric Is Better – Even On A Remote Island

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on April 14, 2019. At least one more EV has come to Cortes since then, possibly more. BC’s EV infrastructure has grown (The Plugshare map shows 18 EV charging stations in Campbell River, 2 on Quadra and 1 on Cortes Island) and the latest EVs have an average range of 468 km per charge.

British Columbia’s EV tipping point may be closer than you think. When you factor in the cost of gasoline, the average electric vehicle is already substantially less expensive that a gas car. Level three charging stations, capable of delivering an 80% charge in 30 minutes, are creeping up the east coast of Vancouver Island, BC. There are now seven stations along the coastal route between Sidney and Campbell River and sixteen in the Greater Victoria area. (In addition, there is a Tesla Fast charging station in Nanaimo and another planned for Campbell River.) Now even people in remote locations like Cortes Island are going electric. On Saturday, April 12, 2019, three of the island’s six (and counting) E-car owners explained why electric is better — even on a remote island. 

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Clean Energy Canada responds to misconceptions about EVs

According to the BC Government, more than 18% of the light duty passenger vehicles sold in the province last year were electric vehicles (EVs). There has been a sixfold increase in the number of annual registrations since 2016 and there are currently more than 100,000 EVS on the roads. Some of them are in remote communities like Cortes Island. As the prospect of a transition to electric vehicles becomes more likely, some are asking if this is really a viable option. 

Last week Clean Energy Canada, a think tank based in Simon Fraser University, responded with media brief addressing common myths about electric vehiclesRachel Doren, Director of Policy and Strategy at Clean Energy Canada, subsequently agreed to an Q & A interview. 

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Mining and conservation can go hand in hand, environment ministers say

By Matteo Cimellaro, Canada’s National Observer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Mining projects and protected land can co-exist, two provincial environment ministers said at a press conference on Friday after two days of meetings with their counterparts from across the country.

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Prash and Paul make a graphic novel

Hope and fun take the place of fear and despair, in the Lund-produced Steve and Eve Save the Planet: I Can Hear Your Heart Beep

Originally published on qathet Living

In 2015, Paul Shore took his eight-year-old daughter to test drive an electric vehicle. It was their first time in one. Instead of the usual grrrrrs and coughs of a gasoline-fuelled engine, the car gurgled and hummed – like it was delighted.

Back at the dealership, Jashia stepped out, wrapped her arms around the hood, and hugged the car. She said it had a “heart beep.”

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