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Clean Energy Canada responds to misconceptions about EVs

According to the BC Government, more than 18% of the light duty passenger vehicles sold in the province last year were electric vehicles (EVs). There has been a sixfold increase in the number of annual registrations since 2016 and there are currently more than 100,000 EVS on the roads. Some of them are in remote communities like Cortes Island. As the prospect of a transition to electric vehicles becomes more likely, some are asking if this is really a viable option. 

Last week Clean Energy Canada, a think tank based in Simon Fraser University, responded with media brief addressing common myths about electric vehiclesRachel Doren, Director of Policy and Strategy at Clean Energy Canada, subsequently agreed to an Q & A interview. 

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Norway’s EV Tipping-Point Is Here

By Roy L Hales

Prior to the introduction of supportive government policies, most battery electric vehicles (BEV) were in Oslo, Norway. In March 2014, one percent of the vehicles on the roads were electric. Five years later, in March 2019, 58.4% of new vehicle purchases were electric (BEV & hybrid). Zach Shahan of Clean Technica writes that last month, 38% of the sales were fully electric and another 25% hybrids. Norway’s EV Tipping-Point is here. 

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The EV Tipping Point Is Almost Here

By Roy L Hales

Fastned CEO Michael Langezaal recently compared EVs to computers on wheels. Gas powered vehicles, on the other hand, have a single function: going forward.  The EVs superiority is so obvious that once they have  4-6% of the market and an infrastructure is in place, they will take over. Today’s announcement that Fastned is partnering with Nissan is a wake-up call. The EV tipping point is almost here.

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