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Folk U: The Art of Community Leadership

Folk U Radio: Art of Community Leadership 101. 

In this episode Colin Funk joins to discuss with host Manda Aufochs Gillespie to look at the idea of community leadership a little deeper. What is the mix of magic and resourcefulness and entrepreneurialism that makes an effective community leader? How do we cultivate that resilient and spontaneous aspects of our selves? And how do we create organizations that will support us in being responsive and visionary to the needs of a community? Even harder, how do we pivot organizations and businesses and ourselves when it is time for things to change or to let old-ways go?  Jenny Evans from North Island Employment Foundation also joins to discuss a bit more about how individuals can pivot in their work lives. 

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Folk U: Natural Burial & Community-Led Deathcare

Natural Burial & Community-Led Deathcare: FolkU Radio@89.5FM

Where we ask our neighbours: What do you know?  It’s that time of year when the light is short and the natural world around is  in its big rest, preparing for transformation. I feel particularly appreciate to be spending this season in this strange and tumultuous time, here on this island, surrounded by the natural world and by this community. Margaret Verschuur helped bring together the Cortes Island Deathcare Initiative and has served as a death doula on Cortes and Quadra Islands. In this episode she and Emma Tius, the new contact person for the Death-Care Collective, to discuss what community death care are and what natural burial looks like on Cortes and Quadra Islands. 

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Board Reality 101: What is in a piece of wood for Cortes Island?

Today’s Folk U Radio is called Board Reality 101. And by board I am referring to a piece of wood. What is a tree? What are our forests to us? On today’s Folk University we look deeper into this question and the incredible partnership between the Klahoose First Nations and non-nation members in creating a forest managed by a community. 

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how do democracies go wrong?

Folk U Radio – With a high stakes election in the U.S.,  a sudden BC election called amidst a pandemic, and numerous local elections across Canada, the role of democracy is on many people’s minds. What works? What doesn’t? How is it that democracies can be used for personal gain and it can seem so hard to change things even when they seem to so obviously go wrong.

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