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Campbell River opposes implementing the Old-Growth Strategic Review

On March 29th, the city of Nanaimo passed a resolution calling on the provincial government “to immediately defer logging in all high productivity, rare, oldest, and most intact old-growth forests as recommended by the Old-Growth Strategic Review, until all 14 of the panel’s recommendations have been implemented.” This issue was hotly contested. Four of the nine councillors present, include Mayor Leonard Krog whose signature is at the bottom of the letter that subsequently went out, were opposed. Never-the less at least eight other municipal governments, and the Comox Valley Regional District, have passed similar resolutions calling implementation of the recommendations of province’s Old-Growth Strategic Review. In response, Campbell River passed an opposing resolution, calling for “an elevated direct response of support for Forest operations based on fact and science” at their April 26th Board Meeting.

This motion was brought forward by Councillor Charlie Cornfield, who did not explain what parts of the Old-Growth Strategic Review are unscientific, or how he came to that conclusion. 

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Old Growth Forest Logging During COVID

Campbell River Mirror, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Who is keeping an eye on the forests? That’s a question that environmental groups have been asking ever since COVID-19 put limitations on all major watchdog activities. As logging continues amidst COVID-19 lockdown, conservationists are worried that there’s no one around to monitor old growth forest logging on North Vancouver Island.

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