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Two Perspectives on Fracking

The ECOreport interviews an environmentalists & retired senior analyst witht he D.O.E. for two perspectives on fracking.


Interviews with Dr Allan Hoffman, formerly a senior executive with the DOE, and Eoin Madden of the Wilderness Committee:  Two Perspectives on Fracking.

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Frack BC’s Agricultural Land Reserve

By Roy L Hales

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The Clark government introduced legislation dividing the province’s Agriculture Land Reserve in half. In the South, “decisions will continue to be made on the basis of the original principle of preserving agricultural land.” They want freedom to reconsider how parcels the Northern section will be used.  A news release entitled “Food for Thought” explained this by saying 85% of agricultural revenues came from a mere 10% of the land. It looks like the BC Government wants to frack BC’s Agricultural Land Reserve in the north.

Opposition MLA Vicki Huntington had stronger words, “Without consultation, this government has introduced legislation to remove 90 per cent of BC’s farmland from the ALC’s (Agricultural Land Commission) independent mandate to protect farmland and farming.”

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