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Serenade Of The Swainson’s Thrush

By George Sirk

Yep, they’re back from Venezuela, and secretly at dawn and dusk, are singing in a melancholic, flute-like, upward spiralling cascade. Their call note, a simple “whit”, is easily imitated and can often draw the bird out. They are arrive fairly late, usually late April early May, and leave by end of September. Enjoy their songs now as their territorial imperative diminishes as summer progresses.

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Folk U Friday: the Dawn Chorus

Originally Posted on Cortes Radio.ca

This is a fabulous time of year to hear the dawn chorus and begin to listen for bird calls as birds are establishing territories or trying to attract a mate. The result is an amazing orchestra of bird song, right on your doorstep every morning. It’s free and all you have to do is roll out of bed a little early, sit back and listen! It’s a wonderful way to start the day!

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FOCI: Maintaining Cortes Island Parks For 20 Years

On February 10, 2020, the Friends of Cortes Island (FOCI) posted a notice, on the Tideline, about the installation of new rails along the trail at Mansons Spit. They also invited local residents to a broom bash on the Spit, Saturday, March 28th, 10am- 1pm. According to Executive Director Helen Hall, FOCI started maintaining Cortes Island parks twenty years ago.

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What is going on within the SRD?

Cortes Island’s Regional Director, Noba Anderson, has been under attack throughout 2019. The first that many of us heard of this was probably in January, when one of the silliest lawsuits ever was filed in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. I almost felt sorry for the plaintiffs’ lawyer on June 10, as he sat in court listening while the random gossip that his clients brought forward as evidence was torn apart.

He did not dispute a single argument, and in fact filed a joint submission with the defendants’ lawyer admitting there was no basis for the allegations made in his clients’ legal petition. The only excuse he offered was that his clients “were put up to it.” He did not say who was the real instigator of the legal petition; but we know that something odd has been happening within the Strathcona Regional District Board for more than a year, in addition to partisan shenanigans on Cortes Island. Are the two somehow related? What is going on within the SRD Board?

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