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Think ferry meetings are scary? Ha. Try City Council.

Editor’s Note: On February 3, 2024, BC Ferries held community drop-in meetings on Cortes and Quadra Islands. There were 25 and 34 participants, respectively. A big concern on Cortes is ‘assured loading.’ BC Ferries stated they need to monitor the effect of using two ferries between Campbell River and Quadra first, but will reevaluate loading procedures after the summer. The first steps towards full electrification of the Campbell River run (design and BC Hydro upgrades) have begun. The design work is expected to take a year. Some sailings on the Campbell River – Quadra route were cancelled because of a lack of crew members and BC Ferries is in the midst of the biggest recruitment campaign in its history.

Originally published on qathet Living

For the past several weeks, Kim Barton-Bridges has tried to figure out when – or whether – BC Ferries executives planned to come to Powell River for the regularly-scheduled spring Northern Sunshine Coast Ferry Advisory Committee meeting, which she chairs. 

The last one was September 21, at the Town Centre Hotel. That one was a little raucous, because some locals were angry about a summer of waiting for hours in hot parking lots, a reservation system that had failed, the cost of traveling, and sailing cancellations due to staffing problems and occasionally technical problems. Although ultimately, Kim noted, everyone at the meeting was relatively respectful. 

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Sunshine Coast Weathers Atmospheric Rivers

Editor’s note: Cortes Island tends to be a bit drier than the Sunshine Coast. Data from the Cortes Island School weather station shows that 62.4 mm fell between January 26 and February 1. That is 8.5 mm less than what the following article states fell in Sechelt.

According to the Snow Conditions Commentary, on the BC Government website, “Beginning on January 26th, a series of storms impacted the province, primarily impacting Vancouver Island and the South Coast. Many of the storms were classified as atmospheric rivers sourced from tropical regions. The result was very heavy rainfall through much of the coast with temperatures at or near record high temperatures during the period of January 26 to February 1st.”

The closure of Dakota Ridge, due to a unseasonably low snowpack, is troubling. This is not an isolated incident and may lead to low streamflow during the summer. Mount Cain is closed until further notice. A post on their website states, ‘We do not have enough snow to safely operate. We need a big dump to get back up and running, like 50cm at least.” The slopes at Mount Washington have been closed ‘for the last couple of days’ but are scheduled to reopen today.

By Jordan Copp, Coast Reporter, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

A series of atmospheric rivers had heavy rain and wind battering B.C.’s South Coast region this week. 

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The #1 cause of homelessness

“Scapegoating: the act of blaming a person or group for something bad that has happened or that someone else has done. Example: the scapegoating of immigrants for the country’s economic problems.” – Cambridge Dictionary

While it is easy to blame the unhoused population for their predicament, all of the recent ‘Point In Time’ (PIT) suggest they are indications of a much larger problem. 

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Gibsons bylaw complaints nearly triple in second quarter

Editor’s note: Is this a more widespread trend?

By Jordan Copp, Coast Reporter, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Gibsons received 171 bylaw complaints in the second quarter of 2023, marking a steep rise from the 58 reported in the same period last year.

The statistics were part of the Gibsons Planning and Development Services’ report for April through June prepared for the July 25 Town of Gibsons committee of the whole.

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Running in the rain is “relaxing” 

Originally published on qathet Living

No matter what the weather is this week, Doug Lanigan has been out running in it at least four of those days. The 63-year-old instrument mechanic usually runs the trails through Lot 450, covering dozens of kilometres a week, usually by himself. “My big problem is my hands get cold,” he said. 

“But once I get going I’m fine. I remember one morning when I got up when the kids were young, it was about 5:30 am, and I opened the door. It was windy, blowy, and rainy, and I thought, ‘Nah, I’ll go back to bed.’ No, I made it out the door, and five minutes in, I was fine.” 

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