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Peeking into Cortes Island’s past through vintage clothing

On Wednesday, July 19, the Cortes Island Museum offered visitors a rare opportunity to see some of the clothing and accessories from its collections.

The event was organized by Lilly Allen, this summer’s intern, who was inspired by the dress that Margaret Smith wore when she married John Manson in the late 1890’s.

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Success: The search for Western Screech Owls on Cortes Island

Up until now, there have not been any reports of Western Screech Owls on Cortes Island since 2017. That just changed a few weeks ago in the island’s more remote northern forest. 

Field biologist Sabina Leader Mense reports, “I was sitting in the skiff with my husband Dennis, under an unbelievably brilliant sky of stars. It was the last station of the night, pushing midnight, and in the 16th minute of that 17 minute call playback sequence, I heard something. I remember pivoting around in the boat. The sound was behind me and you do what owls do, you turn around.  I think your ears and the muscles and your ears cup and you’re just straining to hear something. Then I heard the call again. It was very distant, but I recognized it was an owl. I began analyzing the audio disks in my head going, ‘is it a Northern Pygmy Owl? Is it a Northern Saw-Whet Owl?’ As I was doing this, it called the third time and I recognized it was a Western Screech Owl.”  

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‘Wayfinding’ at the Cortes Island Museum

Wayfinding: Stories of Maps & Place’ opens at the Cortes Island Museum, between 1 and 4 PM on Sunday, March 26.

“I think wayfinding really touches on so many aspects of our current life.  We have a really fabulous series of maps and artifacts. It’s an opportunity to share that with the public for the first time on many counts. I think everybody, on some level, has a personal story to do with wayfinding. This is a celebration, and a reminder that we all have stories to tell of place and an evolving relationship to the landscape,”explained Melanie Boyle, Managing Director/Curator of the museum.

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Folk U: Memories of Christmas Past

Folk U Radio: Memories of Christmas Past.  December 18th and 25th. 

Today’s show is in collaboration with Jane Newman and the Cortes Island Museum and Archives. I am already anticipating when we will tell tales of Christmas 2020 as one of our memories of Christmas past.  The Museum and Archives are working to archive and memorialize the Pandemic of 2020. 

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Launching Deep Roots Second Season

According to Volunteer and Fundraising co-ordinator Odette Auger, Deep Roots is important because it is “local, regionally based spoken word programming.” Steering Committee leader David Rousseau says, “it builds capacity and connection around Cortes Radio.” Senior producer Greg Osoba explains, “Deep Roots is both a skill building and story telling exercise to generate original stories from people who have something to say.” To which Klahoose co-ordinator Jacqueline Mathieu adds, “The stories that are going to be developed really do need to be told.” They were talking about Cortes Radio’s premiere documentary series. The station will soon be launching Deep Roots second season.

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