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Searching for solutions in the Kispiox Valley

By Matt Simmons, The Narwhal, Local Journalism Initiative reporter

Clear plastic bags hang from small spigots plugged into birch trunks in a  mixed stand of deciduous and coniferous trees on a hillside above the  Kispiox River in northwest B.C. Denzel Sutherland-Wilson and his  19-year-old niece, Hailey Wilson, pour the birch water collected  overnight from five trees into a 20-litre bucket, explaining they’ve  been doing this every day for a couple of weeks. 

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Election 2020: 10 Indigenous candidates running

(The 10 indigenous candidates from left to right are, top row: Earl Einarson, Adam Sumexheltza, Ellis Ross, Melanie Mark, Roy Jones Jr. Bottom row: Anna Thomas, Gordon Sebastian, Anne Marie Sam, Nicole Halbauer, Adam Olsen).

the Discourse, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

On Oct. 24, B.C. will elect 87 members of the legislative assembly (MLAs). This comes after current Premier John Horgan called a snap election, leaving many to make quick decisions as to whether or not they would run. IndigiNews reviewed all of the candidates running and determined that there are 10 indigenous candidates participating in this provincial election.  Here’s what we know about them: 

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Nanaimo Hunger Strike Finished: More Forest Events Begin

The night before the Nanaimo hunger strike began, Sabina Dennis had a dream about trees. Mother Earth told her, “Why are you scraping off my skin? Now I am exposed. The sun is harmful to me. My flesh is what protects me from it.” The next morning Dennis read about the hunger strike on the internet. She immediately began a fast, but is very slender and became physically ill after four days. She also reached out to the two Nanaimo men through a mutual friend in Sierra Club BC. Sabina Dennis is one of several environmental leaders planning more forest events.

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To Demonstrate Their Ownership Of Madii Lii

By Roy L Hales


It has been fourteen months since the Luutkudziiwus chiefs declared their land closed to all LNG traffic and other unauthorized industrial activity. Hereditary Chief Nola says Madii Lii camp was built to “stop the injustice that is being perpetrated on our people.” In the face of aggressive actions spearheaded by the government of British Columbia, the house of Luuktkudziiwus needed to demonstrate their ownership of Madii Lii.

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Luutkudziiwus Were Not Consulted

By Roy L Hales


The Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project’s website proudly displays press releases about their agreements with the Lake Babine, Kitselas and Gitanyou First Nations. They also display the results of a 2014 poll that reports most of the people along the proposed pipeline route support them. The BC government has already issued construction permit and environmental assessment permit. Yet, according to their lawyer, the Luutkudziiwus were not consulted about the 34 km stretch of pipeline that would cross their traditional territory to carry 2 billion to 3.6 billion cubic feet of gas, per day, from Hudson’s Hope to the proposed LNG facility on Lelu Island.

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