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A Practical Understanding Of Play & Some Gardening Tips

On today’s Folk University Talk Show, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, Hayley Newell shares with us a deeper scientific and practical understanding of play. By definition play serves no practical purpose. Yet, it is anything but valueless. It lays the foundation of a child’s cognitive development, contributes to their physical health, services an opportunity to work through traumatic experiences and develop emotional resources, and helps kids practice healthy social interactions. The brain doesn’t know the different between real and imagined experiences so play can set the foundation for a great deal of future development. 

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Folk U: Fear & COVID 19

A supplemental article to the March 27, 2020, Folk U Friday program, originally published on Cortes Radio.ca

Yesterday I spoke briefly on Cortes Radio on the topic of fear and what we can do about it during this pandemic. 

The first thing I want to share: Your feelings of fear are completely valid. We are facing a huge unknown. How long will this last? What Impact will it have on my livelihood? Will I get sick? The list goes on. 

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Cortes Island’s First Virtual Town Hall Meeting

More people participated. At its peak, seventy listeners connected to the conference by computer or phone and an unknown number listened to the radio broadcast. Yet Cortes Island’s first virtual town hall meeting was essentially a continuation of the recent online conferences Regional Director Noba Anderson has been having with local businesses and organizations. 

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Home for the Holidays

By Roy L Hales

For most of us, Christmas is a time when families come together. However there are still some Cortesians for whom the word home takes on a more temporary aspect. Cortes Community Housing is attempting to help rectify this situation on 51 acres they recently purchased in Mansons Landing. In this morning’s program, Sandra Wood and Hayley Newell talk about their association’s new initiative to giving option: Home for the Holidays.

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