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The #1 cause of homelessness

“Scapegoating: the act of blaming a person or group for something bad that has happened or that someone else has done. Example: the scapegoating of immigrants for the country’s economic problems.” – Cambridge Dictionary

While it is easy to blame the unhoused population for their predicament, all of the recent ‘Point In Time’ (PIT) suggest they are indications of a much larger problem. 

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Campbell River’s Bridge To Housing For The Homeless

When the last count was taken, two years ago, there were at least 81 homeless people in Campbell River. After COVID hit, the homeless population was identified as one of the most vulnerable sectors of the community in the province. On July 16, the Campbell River Coalition to End Homelessness hosted a ZOOM meeting to discuss the former Rose Bowl restaurant’s role as a Bridge to housing.

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Addressing The Cortes Island Housing Crises

Some vital issues undergird the impending Cortes Community Housing fund raiser, on July 14. According to David Rousseau, one of the principal organizers, “We are slowly slipping towards a community of older people who can not afford to be here. And the people who want to come here; live here;  raise families and work here are slowly being squeezed out.” He points to Hornby Island as an example of what could happen. (The population average is a decade older than on Cortes and most trades come from off island.) Cortes Island Seniors Society’s purchase of a 51 acre parcel close to downtown Mansons Landing is a significant step towards addressing the Cortes Island Housing Crises.

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