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Fish and Watersheds

In recent weeks, Hyacinthe Creek – one of a handful of  salmon bearing streams on Quadra Island – has experienced a few salmon swimming up its waters. Their arrival has not been an easy journey!

Life for all adult salmon, for millennia, has been a series of survival challenges. Depending upon the species, life cycles range from 2 years (Pinks) to 7 years (Chinook). For new born salmon referred to as fry, making it from their Coastal and or Interior BC birth streams to salt water can require many weeks to months of learning what to eat, while being swept over waterfalls to then crash through rapids for many more kilometers downstream. 

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Three threats to Quadra Island wild salmon

On May 12th,  Eileen Sowerby from the Quadra Island Salmon Enhancement Society (QISES) gave the Strathcona Regional District Board a presentation about the three threats to Quadra Island’s wild salmon: salmon farms, logging and climate change

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Quadra Island Streamkeepers protect wild salmon

Canada’s National Observer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

With just a little bit of arm flailing and much nonchalance, Frank Gleeson regains his balance after slipping on a wet rock lodged in a steep embankment along Village Bay Creek.

Gleeson and his buddy, Pete Calverley, continue to clamber over and under trees, scramble up slopes and wade through underbrush in their search for spawning salmon.

Gleeson and Calverley, aged 71 and 78, descend into a clearing at the creek’s edge and excitedly point out about 45 chum salmon milling not far from shore.

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Surge Narrows Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Read Island’s 2018 ‘out of control’ wildfire spread over 8 hectares. According to the Campbell River Mirror, the 2019 blaze consumed 34 hectares. The Strathcona Regional District (SRD) is concerned about the potential for fires on some of the neighbouring islands in the Surge Narrows as well. After consultation with Read Island residents, on March 12, 2020 their protection plan was amended to become the Surge Narrows Community Wildfire Protection Plan. 

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North Quadra Burning Forms Mailed

When the South Quadra Fire Protection District was set up, in 1960, everything north of Hyacinthe Bay was left out. According to North Quadra resident Dalyce Dogterom, that’s roughly three quarters of the island. BC Wildfire Service is contracted to fight forest fires north of the line, but “they will not come on to private property.” At their January 29, 2020, board meeting, the Strathcona Regional District (SRD) Board authorized a survey to determine if North Quadra residents want fire protection. Staff says the North Quadra Burning forms have been sent and are also available on the SRD Website

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