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Tourism Operators Become Beach Cleaners

North Island Gazette, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The coronavirus pandemic has created a rare opportunity for B.C.’s debris-strewn shoreline – eco-tour operators have free time and available boats to pick up ocean trash.

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Visiting Philips Arm Salmon Farm

By Roy L Hales


My interest in British Columbia’s fish farms began with Alexandra Morton’s fim “Salmon Confidential Documentary” and you can find a distillation of her arguments, as well as other articles critical of this industry on this website. I recently became convinced there is another side to this story that we haven’t been hearing. So, at Marine Harvest’s invitation, I went visiting Philips Arm Salmon Farm.


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Pull Together to Fight the Northern Gateway Project

By Roy L Hales


They spoke of the Canadian Government’s failure to fulfill its obligations to First Nations. Chief Marilyn Slett, of the Heiltsuk spoke of the need to defend her traditional territory. Acting Chief Clarence Innis mentioned that the Gitxaala still obtain 80% of their food from the ocean and an oil spill would have a catastrophic effect on their way of life. Five first Nations are involved: Gitxaala, Kitasoo/Xai’xias, Heiltsuk, Nadleh Whut’en and Nak’azdli. Sierra Club BC and the Victoria based Raven Trust are urging the people of British Columbia to support them and pull together to fight the Northern Gateway Project.

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