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In a level four drought, what lies ahead?

CKTZ News, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Cortes Island is in the midst of a level four drought. 

There have been worse dry periods in the instrumental records, much worse according to a University of Victoria study of tree ring data, and most likely more severe droughts in the years to come.

“Summer is very typically a very dry time of year for the Island, as well as for the Gulf Islands. The problem is that because we didn’t get the Spring rains, we’re starting at a level that is lower than what it would be within a typical year,”  said Ashlee Jollymore, a Hydrologist with the Water Management Branch in Victoria

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Old Schoolhouse Gallery reopening next month

The Old Schoolhouse Gallery reopening, on Cortes Island, will be next month

“Right now we’re just trying to put together a small, but potent and exciting, art experience for the rest of the summer. Everything I am going to tell you is tentative, we’ve only started with the planning, trying to get things going again. So we are anticipating a members show in late July, beginning on (Thursday) July 22nd, said Kristen Schofield Sweet, one of the gallery’s directors.

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Cortes Island’s #1 Industry is back

When British Columbian restaurants closed their doors last March, they virtually shut down Cortes Island’s #1 industry. Though sales are still below pre-COVID levels, the shellfish sector is coming back. 

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China wants more oysters from BC growers

China wants more oysters than are grown in BC.

“No discussion about seafood markets can go anywhere without talking about China. It is just the number one driver of seafood consumption. It is their market,” said Erik Lyon, owner operator of Rising Tide Shellfish on Cortes Island.

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What Matters Most?

The Old Schoolhouse Art Gallery will only have one show this year. While they cancelled their summer season because of COVID, the artists group has been mulling over some ideas for almost a year now. On September 10th, 2020, they bring the discussion to the public in a show called “What matters most?”

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