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2024 Village Commons Update

From the Cortes Island Community Foundation

Several big announcements were made and a robust list of collaborators were present on February 1st, for an update on the development of the land that is known as the ‘Village Commons’ in Mansons Landing. The meeting had about 36 attendants, including 6 people that virtually attended via zoom. The evening of presentations had a strong theme of collaboration and neighborhood togetherness.

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Last Minute Updates from Lovefest

Four days until Lovefest, at Linnaea Farm on Saturday August 12. 

Rex Weyler has a couple of updates:  

“One thing that’s new is Amber from Klahoose is going to sing us a couple of songs early on in the show.”

“The other thing, that I just heard from our community action bus driver. is that people can actually flag the bus down anywhere on the route between Manson’s Hall, Gorge Hall, and Squirrel Cove Store during the day. If you go out on the road in front of your house or whatever, or walk along the road, you can flag down the bus.”

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The Cortes Island ‘Room for Rider’ Initiative

 Friends of Cortes Island (FOCI) is launching a new transportation initiative

“We’re really excited to be launching this new ‘Room for Rider’ initiative. It’s a mirror tag that people can hang in their rear view mirror to let people know that they’re willing to give people a ride across Quadra,” explained Helen Hall, Executive Director of FOCI.  

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Grand Opening of the Outdoor Friday Market

The Grand Opening of the Outdoor Friday Market was on a warm summer day and hundreds of people may have passed through before it ended. There were 14 stalls clustered beneath the cedar trees and around the edges of the parking lot. I did not go inside the hall, which is always packed with tables. This was also the first of this summer’s live music performances at the adjoining Village Commons.

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Friday Afternoon Concerts in the Village Commons: Sean and Catriona

According to local musician Jemma Hicken, when the Gorge Harbour Marina partially shut down for renovations this summer, they also closed one of the most popular music venues on Cortes Island.

“Me and a lot of my musician friends have been playing at the Gorge and have been paid to play at the Gorge – which is amazing on Cortes. You don’t often find paying gigs here. Then the Gorge shut down most of its operations this year, and I think a lot of the community felt like there was a big hole left by the lack of live music. There’s been a couple of attempts at organizing live music around the island. I know that there’s live music happening at the Co-op on Saturday nights, which is awesome. We’re going to have live music for the Friday Markets as well.”

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