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Elizabeth May comes to Campbell River: Why Greens matter

Green Party leader Elizabeth May flew in from Ottawa on Saturday, May 6. She was the feature speaker at the North Island – Powell River Electoral District Association (EDA) AGM at the Maritime Heritage Centre in Campbell River. Around 60 people from Campbell River, Comox, Powell River, Port McNeil, Quadra Island and Cortes Island were in attendance.  

This is an edited transcript of her speech, and a couple of excerpts from the subsequent remarks made by local Green Party candidate Jessica Wegg.

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Cortes Island All Candidates Meeting

Originally Published on Cortes Radio.ca

On Monday October 21st, Canadians will head to the polls in what some believe may be one of the most important elections of our time. Though Conservative candidate Shelley Downey declined the invitation, our incumbent MP Rachel Blaney (NDP), Green candidate Mark De Bruijn and Liberal candidate Peter Schwarzhoff came to the first ever Cortes Island All Candidates Meeting in Mansons Hall, on Saturday October 12.

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Canada’s National Debt

The current Trudeau government is expected to have added at least $73 billion to the national debt. This greatly exceeds their original forecast of “modest short-term deficits of less than $10 billion in each of the next two fiscal years” – but is Canada’s National Debt a problem?

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Canada’s Emissions

By Roy L Hales

The ravages are already upon us. Extreme weather events: flooding, more heatwaves in the summer; snowstorms and longer fire seasons. While there still are Canadians who do not take Climate Change seriously,  a recent CBC poll found that 65% do not believe the nation is doing enough and 42% view climate change as a national emergency. So I asked the candidates about Canada’s emissions.

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How Big Is The X Factor In Voter Projections

By Roy L Hales

Throughout this election campaign, I have been playing close attention to 338Canada’s voter projections. The creator of that website, Paul Fournier, has a track record of picking 90% of the winners in ridings throughout Quebec and Ontario. However there are factors that the algorithms and historic data cannot pick up. So how big is the X factor in voter projections for Powell River – North Island?

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