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Toronto’s Unhoused and Unprepared (pt 3): The winter plan

By Katia Galati and Talha Hashmani, CJRU 1280 AM, Toronto through an LJI grant from Canada-info.ca

Toronto’s winter months amplify the unsafe living conditions faced by the city’s homeless population, many of whom are forced to brave a night without shelter or warmth. In a recent article by the Toronto Star, workers at St. Michael’s hospital reported a rise in cold-related injuries including frostbite, painful foot infections, and life-threatening hypothermia amongst those living out in the streets.. 

With the shelter system nearing capacity and facing staffing issues, those  left on the streets are forced to seek alternative shelter arrangements. Shuttle buses, heating vents, and subway stations are some of the many popular spots the unhoused go when they are met with little support from the city. 

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