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Confrontation over the pipeline continues in Burnaby

At least six protesters have been arrested in this latest phase of the ongoing confrontation between TMX construction crews and self-styled ‘land defenders.’ The immediate struggle is to prevent workers from clearing more than 1,300 trees along the pipeline route through Burnaby. This was to have been carried out between Aug 1 and Sept 15th. The arrests began on September 7th, but a coalition calling itself “Protect the Planet STOP TMX” (PPST) has occupied this site since August 3, 2020. 

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Why Do the Liberals Push Site C?

By Roy L Hales

According to a recent report from the University of British Columbia, “Site C has more significant adverse environmental effects than any project ever reviewed under the history of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, including impacts on dozens of species, aquatics, vegetation, wildlife, Aboriginal use of lands and resources, and cultural heritage.” The British Columbian and Canadian governments are most likely breaking treaty #8, which gave local first nations usage of the land that will be submerged. BC Hydro has not properly evaluated less destructive, and far less expensive, alternatives like geothermal energy.  We won’t need the power for decades, if ever.  Why do the Liberals push Site C?

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McKenna Asks Canadians To Trust The Government

By Roy L Hales


The first meeting of what Environment Minister Catherine McKenna calls our “pan-Canadian team on Climate Change” is now over.  She has been closeted with environmental ministers from the provinces and territories, McKenna called it “the most positive meeting that has taken place in a very long time. Though short on details,  the Minister said “We all know we have to act together”and alluded to “real opportunities” in the clean tech sector. To distill her message down to the three words which she did not actually use, McKenna asks Canadians to trust the Government

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The Fight To Keep Coal From Fraser Surrey Docks

By Roy L Hales

As the people of Washington and Oregon turn their back on new coal port proposals, producers have turned to British Columbia. Neptune Terminals’ coal port capacity, in North Vancouver,  was doubled, without any public consultation and the city’s request for a health impact assessment was ignored. Resistance to the proposed coal terminal at Fraser Surrey docks was more determined. The  Port Authority carried out assessments before approving the project, but there has been grounds for believing the project was decided upon long before the  official outcome. Ecojustice has undertaken this case on behalf of Voters Taking Action Against Climate Change and Communities and Coal. This morning I’m interviewing Ecojustice lawyer Karen Campbell about the fight to keep coal from Fraser Surrey Docks

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Premiers About To Fast Track Pipelines

In response to a Globe & Mail a story about Canada’s Premiers about to fast track pipelines:

“Canada’s premiers are poised to sign an agreement to fast-track new oil sands pipelines while watering down commitments to fight climate change.”

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