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Kinder Morgan filed an injunction against Burnaby Residents

The City of Burnaby’s Application for Leave to Appeal to the Federal Court of Appeal, about the NEB’s Ruling, is being served today.

By Roy L Hales


Kinder Morgan has filed an injunction against Burnaby residents preventing one of its crews from doing a feasibility study on Burnaby Mountain. At 5 pm Thursday, five defendants were served with a pile of legal documents “over three inches deep.” Simon Fraser University (SFU) professor Lynne Quarmby, SFU professor Stephen Collis, Adam Gold,  Mia Nisson and  Alan Dutton will appear in BC Supreme Court today at 2 pm today. The court will decide whether to “restrain” them from their “trespass upon Burnaby lands, and their wrongful obstruction, impeding, interfering with and prevention of” the pipeline company’s activities. Kinder Morgan is claiming it loses at least $5.5 million in direct costs and $88 million in lost revenue every month the Trans Mountain Pipeline project is delayed is also seeking a permanent injunction, damages, interest and cost. Yet the pipeline company is in the park against the City of Burnaby’s expressed wishes and it is not certain if the NEB ruling that gave the pipeline company access is legal.

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