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Newts – a 20 year celebration of Cortes Island’s most celebrated salamander

It has been twenty years since George Sirk, then the island’s Regional Director, put up Cortes Island’s first Newt crossing signs. More recent arrivals probably know him better as the host of  Cortes Radio’s ‘Nature Boy.’ In today’s program he talks about the island’s most celebrated salamander.

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Friends of Cortes Island AGM

The Friends of Cortes Island Society held their annual general meeting this past Wednesday evening, November 18th

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Cortes Island’s Newt-X-ing

Canada’s National Observer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Every autumn, B.C.’s Cortes Island rolls out a critical road safety campaign to protect some of the smallest and most vulnerable members of the community — rough-skinned newts.

Friends of Cortes Island (FOCI), a local conservation group, established the Newt X-ing Action Project to protect the little creatures, which face hazardous trips across roadways when they leave their wetland habitats and head into nearby forests to hibernate at the start of the rainy season.

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Why Re-elect George Sirk As Regional Director?

By Roy L Hales

In my second interview with the candidates for Cortes Island’s Regional Director, I became aware that they have a very different vision of how the island should be governed. The current Director, Noba Anderson, portrays herself as an instigator, who “convenes conversations that would not otherwise happen.” Many of the island’s best known projects came about through her direct intervention. Though George Sirk chalked up a similar list of accomplishments during the nine years he represented the island (1996 – 2005), he stresses the idea that there should be more of a separation between the Regional Director and specific business projects. In this morning’s episode, I ask, why re-elect George Sirk as Regional Director? 

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