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Old Schoolhouse Gallery reopening next month

The Old Schoolhouse Gallery reopening, on Cortes Island, will be next month

“Right now we’re just trying to put together a small, but potent and exciting, art experience for the rest of the summer. Everything I am going to tell you is tentative, we’ve only started with the planning, trying to get things going again. So we are anticipating a members show in late July, beginning on (Thursday) July 22nd, said Kristen Schofield Sweet, one of the gallery’s directors.

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What Matters Most?

The Old Schoolhouse Art Gallery will only have one show this year. While they cancelled their summer season because of COVID, the artists group has been mulling over some ideas for almost a year now. On September 10th, 2020, they bring the discussion to the public in a show called “What matters most?”

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Coming on May 18 – Seafest 2019

By Roy L Hales

With Cortes Island’s largest annual event fast approaching, I met with event organizer Kristen Schofield-Sweet. As it was a glorious spring afternoon., we sat at the wooden picnic table behind the radio station. When Howie Roman finished his program, “Anything Goes,” he joined us in a discussion of Seafest 2019 and what this event means to our island community.

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Laura Balducci’s Art

By Roy L Hales

The audio version of this story opens with a clip from Laura Balducci’s art installation “The Other-Side Presents That Wall,” which was at the Old School House Art Gallery on Cortes Island in the summer of 2016. The video of another of her multi-media performances, “Sense That Sin” was part of a show last month. Laura is a film maker, promoter, curator, painter, doll-maker, hair dresser, make-up artist and the former lead singer of a female punk band. She promotes the Old School House Art Gallery through her website and Facebook page and is curating the annual member’s show, SPACE, which opens at 6 PM on Friday, July 27, 2018. This morning’s interview is devoted to Laura Balducci’s art.

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