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The Ten-Year-Long Fight against Oregon LNG Is Over

By Roy L Hales


Leucadia National Corp has decided it will no longer fund the proposed $6 billion LNG terminal in Warrenton, at the mouth of the Columbia River. A determined coalition of local residents, fishermen and environmentalists blocking their way. Now the ten-year-long fight against Oregon LNG is over.

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The Fight Over Jordan Cove LNG Will Continue

By Roy L Hales

The struggle has been ongoing for more than a decade. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) approved the first incarnation of this project in 2009 and few are surprised to hear they  issued a Final Environmental Impact Statement today.  The energy company Veresen’s President and CEO, Don Althoff, calls this “a significant regulatory milestone,” which came about after working “closely with federal, state and local regulatory agencies and with local communities over the past three years.” Forrest English, of Rogue Riverkeeper, said “FERC has never turned down a new LNG terminal.” The fight over Jordan Cove LNG will continue.

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What Has The Under2 MOU Changed?

By Roy L Hales


Are the drought conditions spreading throughout the West Coast connected to climate transformation? States of emergency have been declared in California, Washington and parts of Oregon. Though British Columbia has not experienced this, a recent computer simulation predicted 80% of its glaciers could disappear over the next decade. This entire region responded by joining with eight other states, on three continents, in a pact to tackle Climate Change. Yet the development of fossil fuel continues, so what has the Under 2 MOU changed on the West Coast?

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