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What Killed These Fish? And What Does It Mean?


By Roy L Hales

On Saturday, Sept 7, someone from Blythe took her kids on what was to have been a fishing expedition. The trip was aborted after they found the dead fish that you see in the photo above in in a canal off 26th, in the Palo Verde Valley. She would later tell me that the smell was terrible! She returned the following day and took the photos you see on this page. Her father emailed me that, “Attached you will find pictures … of the contamination of the Colorado River. The farmers have continued using pesticides and herbicides that have continued to contaminate the Colorado River besides all the rest of the trash that is thrown into it by the communities above Blythe …. These pictures show all the dead fish and the slime that’s above the water in the canal that will end up in the Colorado River, 50 yards away …. What you are seeing on the attachments according to some of our farmworker informants happens all the time when they are going to irrigate the new fields where they are going to grow vegetables or fruits. ”

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