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What will Hollyhock look like in 2021?

2019 was a record year for Hollyhock, and 2020 started out even better. CEO Peter Wrinch says they were expecting 20% more guests this year compared with last year. The leadership team was excited about the prospect of doing facility upgrades, introducing new programming and creating better employment – until the COVID crises began. Now they are asking what will Hollyhock look like in 2021? 

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Tourism On Life Support

National Observer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Easter long weekend is usually the unofficial start to tourist season in B.C, but tourism operators are not sure they are going to survive COVID-19.

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How Is Hollyhock Coping?

According to CEO Peter Wrinch, “Hollyhock exists to create, curate, and host inspiring, meaningful experiences that provide both the inner and outer skills for personal growth and social transformation.” During peak season (July/August), the non-profit educational centre employs close to 10% of Cortes Island’s adult population. Hollyhock had a record year in 2019 and, expecting to repeat the experience, put together an ambitious slate of programs for the April 14 to October 24 season. Then the COVID-19 crises reached our area. Now the tentative opening date has been pushed back to the beginning of June, at the earliest. About 40 Cortes Island residents who had expected to be employed, are now sitting at home. How is Hollyhock coping? 

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A Remote Island Prepares: Can Cortes Self Isolate?

Regional Director Noba Anderson invited many of Cortes Island’s key businesses and community groups to a Zoom conference call to explore responses to COVID-19. Thirty-nine people connected by phone or computer and a second person appeared on several computer screens. Many embraced the idea that we should act as if the virus is already here. In-so-far as is practical, most attendees appeared to want to see Cortes self isolate.

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