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Challenge to federal law that poses ‘existential threat’ to Alberta goes to Supreme Court

By Natasha Bulowski, Canada’s National Observer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The Supreme Court of Canada this week will examine whether the federal law that evaluates the impacts of proposed resource projects is unconstitutional.

The Impact Assessment Act (IAA) looks into the environmental, health and economic impacts of proposed resource projects — like pipelines and mines — and came into force in 2019 when the federal government passed Bill C-69.

Soon after, the Alberta government brought a legal challenge against the law and its regulations, arguing it was federal overreach encroaching on provincial jurisdiction. The Alberta Court of Appeal ruled in favour of the provincial government in May 2022, calling the IAA an “existential threat” to the provincial right to control and develop resources.

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Quebec rejects $14 Billion LNG project

By John Woodside, Canada’s National Observer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

After a groundswell of opposition to GNL Québec’s multibillion-dollar natural gas project, the provincial government has rejected the plan. Now advocates say it’s time for other governments to follow suit.

The $14-billion proposal would have moved fracked natural gas from northern British Columbia and Alberta to a liquefaction plant and export terminal at the Port of Saguenay. The company was aiming to export 11 million tonnes per year. GNL Québec said it would be a carbon-neutral facility by offsetting its “direct” greenhouse gas emissions, and that it would help offset dirtier pollutants, like oil or coal, around the world.

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The Politics Of Quid Pro Quo

By Roy L Hales


Anyone trying to understand the “why?” of some (seemingly stupid) political actions should read David Mason’s recent column in the Globe and Mail.  His explanation of the Canadian Government’s approval of the $36 billion (CAN) Pacific NorthWest LNG project, on Lelu Island in British Columbia, boils down to the politics of quid pro quo.

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Can Canada Build More Pipelines? Or LNG Facilities?

By Roy L Hales


In a recent interview with the ECOreport, Simon Fraser University Climate Scientist Dr, Kirsten Zickfeld described Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s idea of fighting climate change while expanding the oil sands and building new pipelines as “delusional.” There is only a finite amount of carbon we can release into the atmosphere and if we hope keep the global temperature rise to 2 degrees C. We are already close to 1.5 degrees and may pass that threshold this year. Even if we do not build any new fossil fuel infrastructure, Canada will exhaust “its’ fair share” of carbon emissions by 2030. These were quite strong statements, so I asked a couple of other scientists – as well as environmentalists, politicians and government spokespersons – Can Canada build more pipelines? Or LNG facilities?

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Trudeau Has Not Deceived Us

By Roy L Hales


Though some are shocked by revelations that the Prime Minister has made the Energy East and Trans Mountain pipeline projects a priority, this is not inconsistent with the views he has expressed in the past.  Trudeau has not deceived us.

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