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BC’s solar market at tipping point, industry says

By Carl Meyer, Canada‚Äôs National Observer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Solar energy businesses in British Columbia believe their market is at a tipping point following years of niche status, as costs come down, governments demand greener buildings and residents offset rising utility bills from power-hungry electric cars.

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Has Canada Come Back?

By Roy L Hales


The Canadian delegation in Paris is more than 250 strong. In addition to the Prime Minister, five Premiers, representatives from the provinces and Territories whose Premiers did not attend, representatives from all the opposition parties, twenty negotiators, support staff, personal from the Canadian embassy in Paris, mayors, business people, youth leaders,  environmentalists and reporters. There has never been a Canadian delegation this large at any previous COP and the sheer size of this endeavour shows that  Canada is taking COP 21 seriously. After a decade of withdrawal from the fight against Climate Change, has Canada come back?

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