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The #1 cause of homelessness

“Scapegoating: the act of blaming a person or group for something bad that has happened or that someone else has done. Example: the scapegoating of immigrants for the country’s economic problems.” – Cambridge Dictionary

While it is easy to blame the unhoused population for their predicament, all of the recent ‘Point In Time’ (PIT) suggest they are indications of a much larger problem. 

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A tale of two co-buys

Originally published on qathet Living

One was strictly business. The other is an intentional community. Both versions of shared mortgages achieved the same goal: getting people into the housing market who might otherwise be shut out. 

Do something weird.

That’s 460 Realtor Austyn MacKinnon’s advice to first-time home buyers who are navigating a crazy market like qathet’s. She should know. She and her husband did something weird to get into the market back in 2014: they co-bought an $800,000 house with acquaintances.

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