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Coming To BC Ferries' Campbell River – Quadra Run

The first of BC Ferries’ new Island Class hybrid-electric vessels arrived in Victoria last Saturday. Their engines are currently powered by a combination of electric, with 800 kWh of battery energy storage capacity, and low sulphur diesel. When the cost of energy storage becomes more economical, BC ferries plans to upgrade to 2,000 kWh and go fully electric. Two of these sleek new vessels are slated for our area as one of many improvements coming to BC Ferries’ Campbell River – Quadra run. 

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Cortes Island’s Community Halls Could Receive Their First Cheques By Mid March

Three months ago, an overwhelming majority of Cortes residents voted to have their property taxes increased in order to provide some assistance for the island’s community halls. The Whaletown Community Club (WCC) is about to file the funding application for Gorge Hall. The Southern Cortes Community Association (SCCA) has requested further information, before submitting Mansons Hall’s application. Strathcona Regional District (SRD) Chair Michele Babchuk says Cortes Island’s community halls could receive their first cheques by mid March.

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Beach Logs Come & Go

By Rod Burns

If you have been to Rebecca Spit, on Quadra Island, or similar beaches along the B.C. Coast, in the past few stormy days, you likely will have spent more than a few minutes mesmerized, watching as well as listening to logs crashing onto the shore. Has this activity always happened on the B.C. Coast?

If you are a long time resident, perhaps 40+ years, the beach fronts today are significantly different from your early years.

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Willow: The Southend

Willow acknowledges the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory or the Laich-Kwil-Tach people of the Wei Wai Kai Nation.

Quadra Island’s folk roots quartet Willow has just released a new EP: “The Southend.” They chose that name because the EP was recorded at the United Church in Cape Mudge, and many of the associated photos were taken in a field near Tsa-Kwa-Luten Lodge. (Both sites are in the south end of Quadra Island. ) Asked what is special about this particular release, Noelle Maffin says that she usually finds performing so much easier than recording, but “there was a sense of magic in the room. This [EP] just fell into place and was recorded very easily in about five hours.” 

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How To Set Up A NEPP In Your Community

Quadra Island probably has one of the most highly developed Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Programs (NEPP) in Northern Vancouver Island. In the last of my interviews from the 2019 Emergency Preparedness Tradeshow, Betsy Young Quadra Island’s NEPP coordinator,  explains how to set up a NEPP program in your neighbourhood.

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