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Willow: The Southend

Willow acknowledges the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory or the Laich-Kwil-Tach people of the Wei Wai Kai Nation.

Quadra Island’s folk roots quartet Willow has just released a new EP: “The Southend.” They chose that name because the EP was recorded at the United Church in Cape Mudge, and many of the associated photos were taken in a field near Tsa-Kwa-Luten Lodge. (Both sites are in the south end of Quadra Island. ) Asked what is special about this particular release, Noelle Maffin says that she usually finds performing so much easier than recording, but “there was a sense of magic in the room. This [EP] just fell into place and was recorded very easily in about five hours.” 

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How To Set Up A NEPP In Your Community

Quadra Island probably has one of the most highly developed Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Programs (NEPP) in Northern Vancouver Island. In the last of my interviews from the 2019 Emergency Preparedness Tradeshow, Betsy Young Quadra Island’s NEPP coordinator,  explains how to set up a NEPP program in your neighbourhood.

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Robin Hood & The Babes In The Woods

Robin Hood & The Babes in the Wood will be playing at Theatre Quadra on the weekend of November 15 – 17, 2019.  According to the theatre website, “The play is a panto in which genders get blended, logic yields to farce, the audience gets involved and most anything can happen.” In this morning’s interview I talk to co-directors Kate Alexandra and Linda Lolacher.  

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Returning the Quadra-Cortes FAC To Normality

By Roy L Hales

If the posts in the Tideline are an indication, the October 25 Quadra-Cortes Ferry Advisory Commission (FAC) meeting dealt with a potentially explosive situation. Our Regional Director, Chief Kevin Peacey and former FAC President Paul Ryan were among those who published their views. When the meeting was finally convened in Gorge Hall, one of the BC ferry executives stated the previous meeting (June 7, 2019) had gone off the rails. Committee members subsequently exchanged something like 130 emails. A significant portion of the October 25 meeting was devoted to discussing ways of returning the Quadra-Cortes FAC to normality. 

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Campbell River’s 2019 Disaster Preparedness Trade show

By Roy L Hales

This mornings program is the beginning of a series about the 2019 Disaster Preparedness Trade Show, held in Campbell River’s Thunderbird Hall on Friday , Oct 18, 2019. The room is filled with a smorgasbord of stories, ranging from oil spill clean-ups, to a First Nations helicopter rescue initiative and much more. You can find them in in the halls 21 booths and four free public education sessions. One of the organizers told me this is Shaun Koopman’s day. Shaun is the Strahcona Regional District’s Protective Services Coordinator and he is behind this public introduction to the emergency response community. 

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