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2018: Meinsje, Living Between Two Worlds

(From the Archives: July 1, 2018)

From the beginning, Meinsje was been a prominent voice in Cortes Island’s artistic community. She taught art at the Linnaea school for fifteen years and is a director of the Old School House Art Gallery. Meinsje’s “Dream Caravan” dance troop, her performances at Cortes Island Lip Syncs and Cabarets, puppetry and paintings continue to captivate viewers. In this morning’s interview, Meinsje describes what it was like living between two worlds.

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2019: The Music In Rex Weyler’s Life

(From the Archives: July 21, 2019)

While better known as an environmentalist and one of the co-founders of Greenpeace, some of Rex’s earliest memories involve singing. “Being with a group of people and making music together is one of the most intense forms of communication I’ve ever experienced.” In this morning’s interview we get to hear a little of the music in Rex Weyler’s life. 

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2018: Rick Bockner: Paths of Beauty

(From the Archives: July 17, 2018)

His musical roots go back to the McCarthy era, when the United States was purging itself of anything that could be labelled communist. Pete Seeger gave him tips on how to play the guitar. He was a member of the psychedelic rock band Mad River, which released two albums in San Francisco before it disbanded in 1969. On Cortes Island, he is somewhat of a musical icon. In addition to being a songwriter, he is one of the key organizers of Lovefest and the face of CKTZ’s Lip Syncs for the past decade. In this morning’s interview, Rick Bockner talks about paths of beauty.

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Blues music: a communal medicine of the Klahoose Rez

CKTZ News, through an LJI grant from Canada-info.ca

At least eighty people were filed into the Gorge Hall on May 27.

Amy and Rick Bockner sang a father-daughter blues duet to tease the crowd, then Jonathan James was introduced to the eager audience. Dancing began instantly on the caulk-boot-pocked floor as audible hoots and hollers welcomed the musician to the hall. The local performer opened with “Harbour Side Love Letter” an original that Jonathan recently wrote. He dedicated a song to his Squirrel Cove community. Grandparents were swaying, moms were boogying, and teenagers were blending in. A four-year old was doing pirouettes directly in front of stage-left.

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Tickets for Lovefest 2022

Tickets for Lovefest 2022 go on sale this week. Rex Weyler is distributing them to stores throughout Cortes Island and will be selling tickets at Mansons Friday Market. 

“The whole purpose of Lovefest, right from the beginning, is just a fun community day of people being together. Great music and giving a venue for the artists to sell their wares and have a good day in the sun,”  he said. 

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