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Threat To The Jewaka & Heakami Rivers

By Roy L Hales

More than a quarter of the planet’s population do not have access to sufficient clean water. While this problem is usually associated with developing nations, England and the United States are expected to face serious shortages in the decades to come. Meanwhile, British Columbia continues to give our water away for next to nothing. In this morning’s program, Judith Williams raises concerns about a private company coveting lands along the Jewaka & Heakami Rivers, just north of Bute Inlet, British Columbia.

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Does BC Need the Electricity?

By Roy L Hales

Screen shot 2014-03-18 at 3.43.47 PMBritish Columbian politicians held out promises for the development of renewables, when the Meikle wind project was announced two months ago. The Minister of Energy and Mines, Bill Bennet, said, “Independent power projects continue to play an important role in powering our province. Our decision to proceed with Site C provides a firm energy source that will support the integration of more wind energy projects in the future.” To which Mike Bernier, the MLA for Peace River South, chirped in, “the energy sector is providing employment and economic opportunities.” One of the headlines in the March 2015 North American Windpower states, “BC Wind Industry Seeks Clear Signal.” The same statement could be asked by the geothermal, solar, and river diversion projects – but does BC need the electricity?

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Jimmie Creek Run-of-River Hydro Project

By Roy L Hales

Screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3.43.47-PMI’ve  heard negative  stories about run-of -river hydro projects. Most of them were told by people whose opinion I respect. Very little of what they said may be applicable to the Jimmie Creek run-of-river hydro project.

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