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CityWest’s Cable Cut In Whaletown

The West Connect Infrastructure (WCI) crew had just finished laying CityWest’s main cable in Whaletown, when one  of the workers noticed that a line had been cut. They immediately informed the RCMP, whose press release states they were initially informed of three cuts to the cable. 

Scott Simpson, Senior Marketing Manager at CityWest explained: “On the evening or night of Thursday, March 21st,  there was some vandalism done to the fibre optic network that was being constructed for the service to the community of Whaletown. Crews noticed some damage to the network. Upon further investigation, we found that 17 different sites have been damaged along about a 1.5 kilometre stretch on Whaletown Road. So, 17 different sites that had been cut with multiple cuts at each site, quite a bit of restoration work. We’re looking at an estimate of about $40,000 worth of damage overall. That would include materials and the labour to fix everything.”  

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