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Seed Banks Are Rewriting the book on food security

Canada’s National Observer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Organic farmer Adam Schick holds a single Rembrandt pea aloft in the light of his drying shed to contemplate the magic and generosity of nature.

“There we go. From that we’ll get 50 peas next year. Just from one little tiny seed,” Schick said. “There’s no reason why there should be any insecurity when it comes to food.”

Simply put, access to seeds means access to food, says the market gardener for Linnaea Farm ⁠— a 314-acre organic co-operative land trust dedicated to sustainable agriculture, the environment and education on Cortes Island, B.C.

But the privatization and consolidation of seed production over time has driven down seed diversity — which in turn threatens food sovereignty and resilience to climate change, Schick said.

So, Linnaea Farm is setting up a seed library to keep more seeds in the public domain and to ensure they change along with the local climate.

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Tamara McPhail Talks About Small Farming & Linnaea Farm

National Observer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Every May, long-time farmer Tamara McPhail’s day begins and ends with frog song. Followed closely by the chatter of birds.

McPhail, her partner and their two kids live off-grid in a fortified yurt with a dugout basement, which means even inside the walls of their home, the family maintains a close connection to nature.

“We’re essentially living in a glorified tent, so in the mornings I awaken to the dawn chorus right now,” said McPhail.

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Developing Cortes Island Food Security

Representatives from two of the island’s better known organizations were asked to speak at the May 5, 2020, Cortes Island Virtual Community Meeting. Loni Taylor is one of the Directors of the Cortes Community Economic Development Association (CCEDA); Tamara McPhail is the Executive Director of Linnaea Farm. Director Anderson asked how their organizations are developing Cortes Island food security.

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