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25th Anniversary Celebration of Marnie’s Books

Recording and initial transcript by Bill Weaver, but very much a collaboration in which Darshan Stevens photography and Cortes Currents all participated.

On the evening of Friday August 20, 2023, in the Cortes Co-Op Courtyard, 155 people arrived with their folding chairs to attend a 25th Anniversary Celebration for Marnie’s Books.  First Marnie gave a history of her book selling, and the origins of the Courtyard. Then Shaena Lambert, Rex Weyler, Priya Huffman, Norm Gibbons, Ruth Ozeki, and Erin Robinsong read from their writings. For two hours these wonderful presenters held this large crowd spellbound. This event was co-Sponsored  by the Cortes Island Museum and Archives Society.

The following transcript begins with an introduction by Melanie Boyle, from the Cortes Island Museum.

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Shaena Lambert launches her Latest novel – Petra – on Cortes Island

The internationally recognized novelist Shaena Lambert recently made a virtual visit to Marnie’s Books, on Cortes Island. Four of works have been chosen for Best Canadian stories and the Globe and Mail recognised three of her previous novels as books of the year. Lambert is also a dedicated environmentalist, who was arrested twice during the Burnaby Mountain protests, and continues to actively oppose oil pipelines and logging of old growth. In the most recent Folk U Friday radio program,  the Vancouver novelist explained why she chose to virtually launch her new novel, Petra, on Cortes Island. 

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