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Before and After: Impacts of the “Hall Tax” on Gorge Hall

It has now been four and a half years since the 2019 referendum in which a solid majority of Cortes Islanders voted in favour of bylaw 341. This bylaw established a property tax service that would provide basic operational support for the islands two community halls.

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Cortes Island Children and Youth Programs

The Cortes Community Health Association (CCHA) has been offering Youth Programs for more than 15 years. Serene Williams’ association goes back to 2009 when, shortly after moving to Cortes Island, she became the Teen Szene Co-ordinator. She married after that and now has two children of her own. They were initially homeschooled but when both of her children registered for the Cortes Island School, in September 2022, Williams became the Youth Programs Manager for the Cortes Community Health Association. 

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Feb 1st Update on the Village Commons

The Cortes Island Community Foundation is inviting Cortes residents to an update on the Village Commons, 4-6 PM at Mansons Hall on Thursday, February 1st.

“The goal for this Village Commons update is to have the Cortes Island Community Foundation present our design plan for the Village Commons Pavilion, which is going to start construction pretty soon. Then also hear from some other stakeholders like the Southern Cortes Community Association (SCCA), Cortes Housing Society and the Fire Hall to talk about any plans that they have upcoming for the downtown Manson’s area,” explained Isabella McKnight, Executive Administrator of the Cortes Island Foundation.  

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Cortes Island matters at EASC’s Inaugural Meeting

A number of Cortes Island matters were discussed at the new Electoral Areas Service Committee’s (EASC) Inaugural meeting. This is a special committee made up of the four Strathcona Regional District rural directors and the first stop before their concerns are brought before the full board. The initial discussion of Cortes Island’s proposed Grants in Aid; a Whaletown Community Club request for funding to install a wheelchair ramp at the Old Schoolhouse Art Gallery; and a proposed staff report about liveaboards: were all on the agenda today. As expected Gerald Whalley, the only director to have previously served on the Board, was elected Chair. The big news is that Cortes Island Director Mark Vonesch has been elected Vice Chair.

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Busy times for Cortes Kayaks

Cortes Kayaks has been especially busy this season. 

In May, they took out groups from ‘Adventures in Leadership’ and ‘Teen szene.’ Then there were three 5-day lodge based trips running from Hollyhock in June. 

“Two of those were kayak and yoga retreats,  which I really enjoy facilitating with my co-guide and co-facilitator Jolaine,” explained Kai Harvey. “Next week we are doing our first multi-day kayak expedition of the season. That’s a kayaking expedition where we’re camping and kayaking.” 

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