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It Feels MUCH Hotter

Cortes Currents exclusive

Many years ago I watched a documentary covering different aspects about life in the high Arctic. Minutes were spent explaining how the arctic tundra was able to have such an explosion of blossoms from ground covering plants. The ground temperature was able to go much higher than in the open air, about 45 cm above.

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Stranded in the heat, sand, and rocks

There was a boat stranded in the sand, at Smelt Bay, on Saturday. The Woody Point’s anchor lay not too far distant, a testament to its owner’s original intention. The ocean was perhaps another hundred feet distant. 

CKTZ News came to take pictures for another story. Thousands of mussels died on the exposed rocks at the southern side of the beach. They were presumably casualties of the heatwave that ravaged shellfish populations throughout the West Coast almost two weeks ago. 

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