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SRD resumes public hearings

As Regional Director Jim Abram put it, “It is not the best way to do things, but these are extraordinary times and I do think we need to adapt for now.” The required bylaws were passed at the August 19th board meeting. Next month, the SRD resumes public hearings.  

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Fire Protection: what’s next for North Quadra Island?

In the summer of 2017,  a North Quadra Island presented the SRD Board with a petition, signed by 523 residents, calling for a uniform set of fire prevention regulations for the entire island. This led to the survey, which was mailed out last February. At their June 10th meeting, the Electoral Areas Services Committee discussed what’s next for North Quadra Island

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Can Bluejay Lake Farm Opt Out?

Bluejay Lake Farm straddles the boundary of the Cortes Island fire protection service area. All of the buildings are north of the line, where there is no protection for structures. The property within the protected area is mostly field and forest. Can Bluejay Farm opt out of the protected area? 

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Some Items of Interest At the May 13th SRD Board Meeting

The Strathcona Regional District finally posted the recording of their May 13th SRD Board Meeting late in the afternoon of the 21st. Given the lack of interest most of their constituents show for local politics, this is understandable. However the minutes of their meeting are little more than a record of votes and links to (far more valuable) attachments. There were several items of interest to Cortes, Read and Quadra Island residents.

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Hall Tax Consultation Refreshing

Originally Published on Cortes Radio.ca

By Roy L Hales

On June 6, 2019, Chair Michele Babchuk and three members of the Strathcona Regional District staff caught a water taxi from Campbell River to Cortes Island. Around 80 local inhabitants were waiting for them in Mansons Hall. I doubt anyone could have guessed what was to follow. The resulting Cortes Island Hall Tax consultation was refreshing.

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