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Rezoning Hearing For Rainbow Ridge

Cortes Island’s best known housing project took another step towards realization at the January 29th, Strathcona Regional District Board meeting. The public hearing for rezoning a 2.45-hectare portion of the 20.75-hectare Rainbow Ridge property will be held in Mansons Hall at 1 PM on April 30, 2020. 

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Unresolved Indigenous Issues

By Roy L Hales

They occupied Cortes Radio’s broadcast area for thousands of years before the European advent. The Homalco, Tla’amin, Klahoose, and K’ómoks nations’ shared language testifies to their common ancestry. Their neighbours, the Laich-kwil-tach were fierce warriors, whose canoes carried raiders into the southern Georgia Strait, Puget Sound and up the Fraser River. (They attacked the Hudsons Bay Company post at Fort Langley in 1837). When the influx of settlers was sufficiently numerous, they took over. The indigenous population was deprived of lands they had occupied for generations. Their customs and governance was superseded. Prior to 1960, the native population could not vote in a Federal election unless they first surrendered their treaty rights and Indian status. This situation is slowly improving. The BC Treaty Commission was set up in 1992, but so far has only signed a single treaty within our area. So I asked the candidates running in the Powell River – North Island what their parties will do about unresolved indigenous issues  

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The Cortes Island Story, As Experienced By One Of Its First Settler Families

By Roy L Hales

This morning’s episode grew out of an examination of how our attitudes towards nature have changed since the first Europeans arrived. One of my sources had a story every bit as important. Michael Manson’s grandfather came from the Shetland Islands and founded Sunny Brae Farm in the late 1880s. Mike told me the Cortes Island Story, as experienced by one of the first settler families.

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Lund Is Soul Candy

By Roy L Hales

The village of Lund is about 20 miles from my home on Cortes Island. There are vantage points on Cortes, from which you can actually see Savary Island. Though only a short distance across the waters, it takes a day and three ferry trips to drive there. The experience is delightful. Lund is soul candy.
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Jimmie Creek Run-of-River Hydro Project

By Roy L Hales

Screen-shot-2014-03-18-at-3.43.47-PMI’ve  heard negative  stories about run-of -river hydro projects. Most of them were told by people whose opinion I respect. Very little of what they said may be applicable to the Jimmie Creek run-of-river hydro project.

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