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Wilderness Tourism Association asks the SRD to support DFO’s decision

At the April 28th meeting, The Wilderness Tourism Association (WTA) of BC asked the SRD Board to support DFO’s decision to remove fish farms from the Discovery Islands. 

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Catching English Fish & Chips

By Roy L Hales

Bernie Anderson and Leila Gmeiner had big expectations in the Spring of 1978. For the past two years, they had been homesteading in the wilderness of Toba Inlet, British Columbia. Then a friend offered them the use of his fishing boat. They had to make the monthly payments to the bank of course, but any profits beyond that were theirs to keep. Nobody could foresee they would be catching English Fish & Chips.

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BC’s first Ocean Plastic Depot

A 2014 study estimates there are more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in the ocean. There is also a great deal of polystyrene. These are two of the most prevalent types of ocean debris washing up on our beaches. The Ocean Legacy Foundation decided to do something about it and partnered with the qathet Regional District to open up BC’s first Ocean Plastic Depot in Powell River.

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Bringing Klahoose ancestors home

Canada’s National Observer, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The Klahoose Nation’s traditional winter village lies at the head of Toba Inlet on B.C.’s west coast along the southernmost flank of the Great Bear Rainforest.

Nearby, alongside the Tahumming River, is an old cemetery sparsely covered with wooden or stone markers, mainly active while the Klahoose still lived in the Toba.

But some markers sit at the head of holed out graves, fenced off with care despite being empty.

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