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Election 2020: 10 Indigenous candidates running

(The 10 indigenous candidates from left to right are, top row: Earl Einarson, Adam Sumexheltza, Ellis Ross, Melanie Mark, Roy Jones Jr. Bottom row: Anna Thomas, Gordon Sebastian, Anne Marie Sam, Nicole Halbauer, Adam Olsen).

the Discourse, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

On Oct. 24, B.C. will elect 87 members of the legislative assembly (MLAs). This comes after current Premier John Horgan called a snap election, leaving many to make quick decisions as to whether or not they would run. IndigiNews reviewed all of the candidates running and determined that there are 10 indigenous candidates participating in this provincial election.  Here’s what we know about them: 

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Some Might Call it Trespassing

By Roy L Hales

Some might call it trespassing. Others will ask who was trespassing? The 38 people who landed on Grace Islet today? The government that sold a First Nations burial ground without consulting with the previous owners? Or Barry Slawsky, the Alberta businessman who purchased this islet and, fully aware that it is a burial islet,  is now erecting a house there?

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Stop the Desecration of Grace Islet

By Roy L Hales


There will be yet another demonstration in the waters around Grace Islet this morning. The Chiefs, elders and paddlers of six First Nations will be joining with concerned Salt Spring Island Residents to call on Minister Steve Thomson to stop the desecration of Grace Islet.

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CRD Will Not Expropriate Grace Islet

By Roy L Hales


Grace Islet is a recognized First Nations burial site, on Salt Spring Island, which Alberta businessman Barry Slawsky purchased in 1990. He was recently given the go-ahead to build his holiday home, providing he puts it on stilts that go over the burial cairns. This prompted a series of protests by First Nations and Salt Spring Island residents. The most recent development in this ongoing controversy was a proposal that the Capital Regional District’s (CRD) expropriate the islet, possibly turning it into a burial park. A decision was reached last night, CRD Will Not Expropriate Grace Islet.

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