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The Quada Project: Beyond 1.5°C

The consensus of scientists is that limiting the global temperature rise of 1.5°C is no longer reachable, but limiting it to below 2.0°C is possible, according to an analysis of global information undertaken by the Inevitable Policy Response study from Britain (Jacob Thomae, New Scientist, 2 December 2023, “Keeping our Cool”). We were once on a path to 3.5°C, which has been reduced to 2.4°C by 2100. But the IPR study thinks that we have a 90% chance of holding the temperature increase to between 1.7 and 1.8°C, primarily because of the progress that has been made on green energy since the Paris Agreement in 2015. This is the good news.

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Unions to Get More Power with Replacement Worker Ban

Editors note: The 300 or so employees of Rogers Communications Inc currently on strike in Campbell River, belong to  United Steel Workers, Local 1944.

According to statistics Canada, 29.7% of British Columbia’s workforce was unionized in 2022. While the word ‘union’ does not appear to be used often in our area, teachers working at the Cortes and Quadra Island schools are members of the Campbell River District Teacher’s Association. School District 72’s other employees belong to CUPE 723. CUPE 401 represents Vancouver Island Public Library employees on Cortes, Quadra and throughout Vancouver Island, as well as staff working for the city of Campbell River. United Steelworkers Local 1-1937 represents forestry workers and the 82 unionized workers at Strathcona Gardens Recreation Complex. There are undoubtedly more examples of unions in our remote corner of the globe.

In addition to the union aspect, this story is of local interest because it is about the struggle to obtain a liveable wage while prices continue to rise.    

By  Zak Vescera, The Tyee, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Raine Wright yells into his megaphone as men in neon yellow jackets circle around a chain-link gate outside an East Vancouver industrial yard.

They’re members of United Steelworkers Local 1944, some of the roughly 300 technicians who have been locked out by telecom giant Rogers after contract talks broke down and the union announced it would launch rotating strikes.

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Taking Unionization Drives Online

By Zak Vescera,  The Tyee, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

A pair of B.C. unions have put cash behind a homegrown tech platform that hopes to make it easier and safer for workers to unionize.  

Conley Mosterd, the founder of YouIn?,  says the new online platform, based in B.C., allows workers to  anonymously ask colleagues if they are interested in organizing, safe  from the prying eyes of employers and managers.  

If 60 per cent say yes, “the platform sends  digital certification cards that can be signed and sent back to the  union,” the company said in a news release last week. 

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