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The Bird’s Eye Suspending Business

One of Quadra Island’s foremost local news outlets is suspending publication until further notice. “The Hungry Eye” was originally an advertising and events sheet. Quadra Island news items started appearing after it was rechristened “the Bird’s Eye” in 2013. Amanda Smith brought 26 years of experience to the periodical when she took over as Publisher/editor four years ago. She is a former reporter, and editor, of daily newspapers in the UK and Calgary. In the Bird’s Eye’s March 25th edition, Smith announced that as a consequence of the “huge drop in advertising revenue due to the closure of businesses and cancellation of events … we cannot cover the costs of printing and Canada Post distribution at this time.”

Never A Huge Money Maker

Amanda Smith, Publisher/editor of the Bird’s Eye

Smith emailed Cortes Currents: 

“The Bird’s Eye has never been a huge money-maker, but at least the advertising covered the costs of printing and the ever-increasing charge by Canada Post to have it inserted in each mailbox, with a little left over.”

“The first challenge came when Facebook groups started siphoning off local advertising with people using it to promote events and sell goods. But The Bird’s Eye survived that when people came to realize that a newspaper sitting on someone’s kitchen counter for a week was a lot more efficient than a quick post that busy people scanned and forgot.”

The COVID 19 Emergency

“However, the COVID emergency and the subsequent cancellation of all social events and shutdown of businesses meant that advertising revenue plummeted and I can no longer cover the bills.”

“Also, the news cycle is moving at such a rapid rate that a weekly newspaper cannot hope to provide current accurate information.”

“I also know that this is a time when people need to concentrate on staying healthy, so visiting their mailboxes or going to the usual meeting places where they could pick up a copy of The Bird’s Eye was no longer an option.”

Will The Birds Eye Start Up Again? 

“I haven’t totally closed the door to the possibility of restarting the newspaper. Once we all get through this crisis I will review the situation and, if it is the community’s will, there may be a comeback.”

“Meanwhile, as the volunteer coordinator for the Quadra Island Food Bank, I would urge everyone to care for their neighbours and community, obey the health guidelines, and work together to keep our island safe.”

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  1. So sad to hear this I like your paper maybe it will have this time to reinvent it. Thank you

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