Folk U: the Brain 101 – with Hayley Newell

On the September 5th, 2020 broadcast, Manda played a recording from back in the pre-COVID days when Folk U offered a series of weekly lectures at Linnaea Farm. The Brain 101 with Hayley Newell, RTC. 


Your brain – the organ central to your nervous system – is a fascinating and complex machine. There are many MANY fascinating things to learn, far too many for one talk. So, in The Brain 101 we will start with learning the four key threats to the brain; what they are, how this relates to your day-to-day life and why it is useful to understand them. As well learn tips for self regulation to improve the function of your brain, even in when it’s a challenge. 

Catch past talks with Hayley Newell including the Nervous System 101The Brain on Play, and more at Or click on this line to access broadcasts, posts and references to Hayley Newell on Cortes Currents.

Top photo credit: The Brain by Geralt via (public domain)