Tommaso Biasiolo

The Cortes Island Men’s Circle launches new season May 3

By Greg Osoba, CKTZ News, through an LJI grant from

The Cortes Island Men’s Circle is launching its new season of meetings on May 3 with an open evening at the Hollyhock Learning and Leadership Center sanctuary.

Since 2020, Tommaso Biasiolo has organized The Cortes Island Men’s Circle. Biasiolo feels it’s important for men to gather together in a safe space to express deep feelings, free of societal and cultural pressures. He bases the group on The Mankind Project, a global non-profit, offering tools and trainings for men who find strength in being vulnerable and authentic.

While men’s groups in North America became popular in the 1990s in both urban and rural communities, Biasiolo feels they have particular relevance today and provide meaningful opportunities for anyone who identifies as male.

Twice a year, the Cortes Men’s Circle stages open evenings, where men interested in “support, growth and courage” can check out whether the twice monthly meetings are something they’d like to get involved with on a regular basis.

Top photo credit: Cortes Men’s Circle founder Tommaso Biasiolo believes it is important to offer men safe spaces. Image courtesy of Tommaso Biasiolo.