November snow in Toba Inlet.

Toba INlet – the Heart Home

Toba Inlet is the glacier blue artery punching into the heart of the Toba River Valley and its mountainous flanks to access the mainland body of Klahoose traditional territory.

An entity in and of itself, Toba resources were, and continue to be, vital to Klahoose survival, culture and economic well-being.

The notion place can have affect on those that reside there is ancient and widespread in human history.

The Toba has shaped and has been shaped by the Klahoose, and the settlers, homesteaders and loggers who followed.

The story of Toba: The Heart Home is how living in his people’s traditional territory profoundly shaped a young boy. And, how that experience built a foundation of resilience, and forged an inspirational bond with an ancestor, both of which he’d draw upon to surmount challenges later in life. 

Rochelle Baker,

Rochelle Baker, reformed newspaper reporter and former urban princess, recently moved to the Discovery Islands to try and recapture the enchantment of her childhood summers on Cortes Island.

The sound of the radio was a permanent feature in her home growing up, and remains so today.

Working with the Deep Roots collective and learning from the Klahoose Nation was a step in fulfilling a long-time dream of sharing the magic of stories over the airwaves and as a window into people’s lives.

Top photo credit: November snow in Toba Inlet by Dru via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)