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Extending Wind Farm Usage

By Roy L Hales

Around 40% of Germany’s wind turbines will soon be 15-years-old.  The French, Italian, Spanish and British fleets are also aging. More than 86 GW of Europe’s wind capacity is scheduled to be decommissioned by 2030. A new report by New Energy Update describes an alternate solution, extending wind farm usage.
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Victoria’s Passive Houses

By Roy L Hales

When I first interviewed Rob Bernhardt in 2014, you could count the number of British Columbia’s passive houses on your fingers. The Berhardts built the first certified passive house in the Victoria region. Rob went on to become the CEO of Passive House Canada. I recently interviewed him again, during a quick peek at Victoria’s passive houses.

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Revisiting Ocotillo

By Roy L Hales

The Ocotillo wind farm went online almost five years ago. Were they not documented in such meticulous detail, some of the  reports coming from the tiny desert community this project surrounds would be difficult to believe.  I once received a constant stream of YouTube videos and reports. It was one of the sites that shaped my perception of the energy sector.  To some extent, I’ve moved on from this story, but I always knew I would be revisiting Ocotillo.
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Tight Oil, Canada’s Pipeline Capacity & The Trans Mountain Pipeline’s Feasibility

By Roy L Hales

Last March I interviewed internationally recognized energy expert David Hughes at his home on Cortes Island. Publication of this story was delayed, in part, because of a six minute segment in which he discussed some of the issues raised in his newly published report Will the Trans Mountain Pipeline and Tidewater Access Boost Prices and Save Canada’s Oil Industry? However we touched upon a wide range of subjects, including Tight Oil, Canada’s Pipeline Capacity & the Trans Mountain Pipeline’s feasibility.

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