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Island Health Will Fund Cortes Island's Augmented Home Support Program During 2020

The Cortes Community Health Association’s (CCHA) Augmented Home Support Program (AHSP) provides minimal assistance to elderly people who might otherwise be forced to leave the island. So far, they have given 37 Cortes residents transportation to shopping and/or doctor; moved firewood; or light housekeeping. When needed, AHSP has provided some pre-cooked meals. This service is not a substitute for personal care provided by Island Health (like bathing, dressing changes or help with taking medication), but has been of great assistance to Cortes residents undergoing surgery or soon to be released from the hospital. The program’s funding challenges were such that CCHA actually contemplated terminating it last fall. Island Health will fund Cortes Island’s Augmented Home Support Program during 2020.

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Cortes Cat Rescue

According to the definition at, “A “feral” cat is unsocialized and tends to be fearful of people and keep a distance.” This may once have been true of the sixteen cats Samantha Statton is currently looking after but, speaking as a former cat owner, a few of these are among the friendliest cats I have seen. It was hard to take a picture because they were constantly sniffing my lens, or trying to smooch, and one adorable youngster liked to jump up onto my shoulder for a nuzzle. In this morning’s interview Samantha explains how Cortes Cat Rescue came into being, what they do and ways you can help out. 

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Augmented Home Support

In October, 2019, Cortes Island’s Augmented Home Support (AHS) program was looking at the very real possibility that they may have to shut down. They had enough funding to continue until the end of the year, after which they could not pay their part-time employees. Some of you may have read their appeal in the Cortes Community Health Association (CCHA) Newsletter and made a donation. The immediate concern is over, but it prompted me to reach out to the Augmented Home Support program’s organizer, Ron Croda

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Hospital Board Adopts Advocacy Role

Originally published on Decafnation

By George Le Masurier

Should the Comox Strathcona Regional Hospital District advocate for health care services on behalf of its constituents? Or is the district’s role limited to funding 40 percent of selected capital projects proposed by the Vancouver Island Health Authority and levying appropriate taxes?

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Pet First Aid

Most people think in terms of human suffering when they hear the words “medical emergency,” – but there are approximately 8 million cats, 6 million dogs and a large variety of other pets in Canada. So one of the special education sessions at the 2019 Emergency Preparedness Trade Show was pet first aid. 

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